Seattle Report - 2012/2013

Cristina Mendoza
Kathleen Sullivan, RSCJ

Membership List:
Terri Erickson
Patricia Barrett Geraghty
Mary Lyn Hikel
John Kalnin
Sue Lane
Cristina Mendoza
Emma Patterson
Mary Magnano Smith
Rosemary Zilmer

Inactive Associates:
Palie Cantu
Linda Gadola
Helen Goehrin

RSCJ working consistently with the group:
Mary Flaherty, RSCJ
Kathleen Sullivan, RSCJ

Calendar or Schedule of Meetings:
We meet on the second Tuesday of the month. The dates for the 2012-013 year were: Sept 11, October 9, November 13, January 8, March 12, May 14 and June 5 (Feast of Sacred Heart Mass). February 12 and April 9 meetings were cancelled.